Tangible Interactions

This is the accompanying blog for the Tangible Interactions course at the Oslo School of Architecture & Design. The course is driven by the Touch research project.

Final dates

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Final presentation and related practicalities

Final presentation with external sensor is on the 6th of june from 09.00 – 16.00.

During final presentation each student will get 15 min each for their presentations,

and an additional 10 min for appropriate demonstration.

Deadline for the final presentation (format of your choice)

and the written paper (digital, format of your choice) is on

monday the 2nd of june at 14.00.

From Monday 2nd of june 14.00 and until thursday 5th of june at 14.00,

you will work on your exhibition.

Those who dont deliver on monday at 14.00 will not be given space to exhibit.

Exhibition and related practicalities:


Deadline for the exhibition setup is thursday 5th of june at 14.00

Remember that access to the library is limited to their opening hours. The library closes at 15.00 on thursday the 5th of june, and we do not want to hear any complaints from the staff about students reluctant to leave on thursday afternoon.

Guarding schedule

One student will get the responsability for setting up a guarding schedule.

Everyone will have to set aside some time during week 24 to guard and protect everyones prototypes and exhibition. ( At least its a more pleasant space to pass time in, than for any other space interactiondesign have exhibited yet)


Everyone have to use brown paper on their table/-s.

Tables for the exhibition will come from U1. Do carry them with care!

Keep in mind…

That the exhibition can be viewed from both the outside/corridor and the inside.

So the outside should demonstrate: concept/teaser/shelf demonstrability/eye candy etc

The inside should focus on indepth infornation/testing/process/research etc

And overall: make the exhibition accessible, consider how to communicate the concept experiences, etc.

The exhibition is being graded!

RP design brief collaboration

You will have to be present at your RP groups presentation thursday 5th of june, sometime between 09.00 – 12.00. Ideally we would recommend that you all be present at all their presentations.

The paper

Deadline for the draft for the paper is 26th of may.

Deadline for the final deliver of the paper is monday the 2nd of june at 14.00.

Lats day of the term

The exhibition will be taken down by the whole class between 10.00 – 12.00 friday the 13th.

This includes carrying the tables back to U1 and cleanup of U1.

Final end of term with coffe and cakes and a general roundup’ from aprox 12.00!


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Some further references

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For those working with ideas around social and personal RFID:

Making Things Public

Creole technologies and global histories: rethinking how things travel in space and time

Human traces in domestic spaces

What Your Phone Knows About You

Blogjects discussions

Making bridges talk (a practical approach to using a simple social network platform like Twitter to let things talk)

For those working with space, neighbourhoods, publics:

The social life of small urban spaces

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Major project: Iteration two

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The second two-week iteration involves using workshops as an idea-generation tool, and creating a plan for a first round of electronics prototyping.


Download PDF

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February 25, 2008 at 7:12 pm

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Some references from Monday’s discussion

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Here is our presentation of projects. This covers tangible products, accessible products, ambient devices, tangible games, new embodied interfaces, mobile interfaces and games, social interfaces, modular products and toys, media art projects, spatial annotation, flash mobs and internet-based collective action, internet-based communities for craft, ubiquitous cities, environmental sensing, tracking projects and early RFID projects.


Download PDF

See also Christer’s links pulled from the second half of the lecture.

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Major project: Iteration one

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The major project started this week. Here is the introduction to the project, as well as the specific tasks for the first iteration.


Download PDF.

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Course plan for download

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Here is the 2008 course plan for you to download.

Download PDF

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